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Volunteer Opportunities

The James H. Andrew Railroad Museum and History Center has several volunteer opportunities for people interested in railroad history in Iowa.

Cataloging the Collection:

We have approximately 9,000 items in our collections.  We utilize Past Perfect software to document and catalog the collection.  Volunteers are needed to photograph artifacts and enter the photo and relevant information into our computer system.  Each item will take approximately five minutes to document and we estimate it will take about 800 hours of volunteer time to complete this task.  With good documentation, it will make it easier for our research teams to locate items in our collection for future display. Work must be done in the museum.

Model Railroad Display:
We are installing the HO model railroad of Rich Yungclas (NMRA Master Model Railroader) at the Napier Depot on Story Street. Volunteers are needed to faithfully recreate the spectacular railroad that Rich created and his family donated to us.  When it is completed, volunteers will be needed to staff the location to explain model railroading to visitors.

Picture Identification:
In our archives we have hundreds of pictures from 1880 through 1980 that are only identified with limited information. We need assistance with determining railroad, people, and locations. This can be done from your home computer.

For more information and volunteering possibilities contact Mike Wendel at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum and History Center.

James H. Andrew Railroad Museum
and History Center
Mike Wendel, Administrator
225 10th Street
PO Box 603
Boone, Iowa 50036

e-mail: mike@bsvrr.com or call 1-800-626-0319 ext.37

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